blue fabric with silver flower pattern

The First Big Chair Project – Part 1

And when I say “big” chair, I mean BIG.

This chair came to me by way of a good friend who nabbed it at the Yard Sale for the Cure last spring and wanted it recovered for herself. She probably saw all my “wannabe upholstery” posts on Instagram and figured it was like a sign. Now that I’m finally working on this chair, I’m realizing it’s a lot harder than I was expecting and SO intimidating. But I’m also very excited, so, not regretting taking this project on.


Here’s the before:

big channel back chair with old fabric before renewal

It’s a pretty cool chair eh? When describing the chair I haven’t really known what to call it. A lot of posts I’ve seen with similar chairs say “Channel Back” but it also looks like a different version of a “Wing Back” to me. So I’ve been calling it the Channel-Wing Back…any corrections are totally welcomed.

Anyways, so Part 1 of the BIG chair renewal is Staple Annihilation Old Fabric Removal. I wouldn’t have been able to do this stage, or any really, without the help of my mom. It’s easier to learn how to do things for the first time when I have someone around to talk it through with. Otherwise I’d be talking to myself and they say it’s bad when you actually start answering yourself, we don’t want that now do we?

I try to make it to my moms every weekend, and this is when we work on the chair, while I’m not around though she’s been my staple annihilator. Here’s a couple pictures of the process:

Big wing back chair with stapled removed but old fabric still on

I feel like this must be the most physical part of the whole process, we needed to take a few breaks but we were really feeling it the next day. To remove staples we didn’t have any special tools, we just used flat head screw drivers, hammers and pliers. There are real “professional” tools you can use but why spend the money when there are things you’ve already got that work just fine?

It took us 2 weekends but we finally got all the staples out, and boy am I glad! Also getting more excited since it’s finally starting to look like something I could tackle. Paying attention to how I’m taking it apart makes it easier for me to see how to put it back together and I’m less scared of it now. But also still kind of scared (really scared!) since I have none of these “professional” tools formerly spoken of. I doubt a hand-held-man-powered staple gun will really do the trick in the steps to come, but I’ll sit on that chair when I get to it (heh.)

Here’s the final no-old-stinky-fabric shot:

No more fabric on the channel-wing back chair!

I’m leaving on as much of the old materials as possible and have a massive pile of batting from the fabric removal that I can hopefully figure out how to put back into place.




4 thoughts on “The First Big Chair Project – Part 1

  1. Sandee M. says:

    Hi Amy, I can’t wait to see where you take this project. I have a very similar chair I’ve had for a while, planning to recover it! Thanks for the follow!

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