My Rattan Obsession

Just a quick and easy one for you today.

I found this awesome rattan chair and table set at a thrift store (fave!) and I couldn’t resist; 1: because of my undying love for all things rattan/wicker/bamboo but 2: because my mom has a similar set that I’ve always dreamed of stealing having.

The table isn’t in the photo, cause it doesn’t change from before to after but, as you can see…not the most desirable cushions on the seat that was actually upholstered.

SO, I got super cheap cushions from Dollarama a whiiiile back, with the intention of making ottomans but never actually got around to it. Then when it came time to find padding for these babies I thought they’d work perfectly!

If you look closely, you’ll see I took the fabric off the dollar store cushions and just saved the foam, which were actually different sizes and I was worried it was gonna look wonky, but surprisingly it worked out just fine!!

With my sisters help I found an adorable fabric. And with the seats being circular and all…to upholster them I used the same technique as I did for The Fluffy Twins.

How much do you love that fabric?

I’m so happy with how they turned out, they’re really helping to bring my adorable little apartment together.

I’ve  got a couple more little projects on the go so you can expect to hear from me soon!

Till then,



The Fluffy Twins

So, I took a longer break than I should have after that BIG chair project, but I’m back with the most adorable upholstery I’ve ever done. It happened because one of my best friends has been looking for the perfect fluffy objects to decorate her room, so I’ve had fluff on the brain for awhile, wondering what project I could do with this trend. Then, after hours spent on Pinterest, it hit me: I had two chrome stools in my moms basement waiting for a fab redo! Continue reading

The First Big Chair Project – PART 3b Finale!


Well, it’s definitely been awhile huh? But I’m finally done! There was a lot of blood sweat and tears put into this project but I’m happy with the results, especially since it’s my first legit re-upholstery. Continue reading

The First Big Chair Project – Part 3a


And now for Part 3, my favourite part of any project, the real transformation, the be-all end-all, and of course, the hardest part: the upholstery. But SERIOUSLY check out the gorgeous fabric my friend chose for this chair: Continue reading

blue fabric with silver flower pattern

The First Big Chair Project – Part 1

And when I say “big” chair, I mean BIG.

This chair came to me by way of a good friend who nabbed it at the Yard Sale for the Cure last spring and wanted it recovered for herself. She probably saw all my “wannabe upholstery” posts on Instagram and figured it was like a sign. Now that I’m finally working on this chair, I’m realizing it’s a lot harder than I was expecting and SO intimidating. But I’m also very excited, so, not regretting taking this project on.
Continue reading

Coat Tree Finale

I’m sure you all remember many moons ago, I did a post about projects that were super close to being finished. Yea the projects I used as excuses not to finish the ottoman worked on while finishing the ottoman, those ones. Well if you remember correctly one of them was the beloved coat tree. Continue reading


The answer to your question is “no.” No I have not finished the adorable stool/ottoman/bench/whatever you want it to be, yet. I’m not sure why but I guess with that one being the most amount of work, I’ve turned to the quicker projects first. I think the hallway is one of the most important places in a house/tiny apartment and I’m really lucky my boyfriend and I have a pretty large one. Continue reading